Nummirock 23.-27.6.2004

Once again visited the best Finnish summer festival, Nummirock.

- Matti

Packing the car..
Made it to the sign once again. We did all the traditional stops, of course..
We were something like 3rd ones to arrive. We set up the tents quickly and then started with the Heavy Metal Pavilion.
After the camp was done, we hit the beach to see the sunset.
Later on we left the camp to meet with old friends having arrived on Monday, straight from Provinssirock as we did once too.
Not many people arrived that night, but I think most of them paid a visit at the garbage can fire in the rear end of the area ;)
Refill! We had NO space in the car (a small Opel and 5 of us..) on the way there, so on Thursday morning we went shopping to Kauhajoki. Ever seen anyone bring beer, coal, grill and meat to a festival? Thought so.
After the stop to the market and a liquor store we went to Koskipubi for a couple of beers. Very traditional thing to do.
We had hours to kill waiting for the rest of our camp (something like 30 or so people) to arrive, and it even got boring a bit when it started to rain..
Inga stopped by at the camp.
Taking a small tour to other camps while (still) waiting for the others.
This one had started drinking e-a-r-l-y.
Back at the camp. Five other cars had arrived. How long were
some homosexual gays setting up a 2D tent
Maku and the SDP chair
Maku's W:O:A cup reaching for more juice on the left
The Salo girls on visit
Preparing to leave for the first gigs on the festival
Arrived at the venue and got places in the front row ;)
The first band doing soundcheck or something
And then off goes Kuolemanpataljoona!
and for once the mixer was awake and the sound was GREAT
heads up, here comes a diver TOWARDS the stage.. and nevermind the camera
Getting up the next day, Friday.
quick meeting with the Jyra people from vaasa
anonymous ass
First band of the (official) festival, Suburban Tribe. Watched the beginning and left the beer oasis.
Then it was Sotajumala's turn. What a gig.
Then Rotten Sound, who had the best mosh pit of the whole festival.
Minutes before Thomas got bitchslapped in the pit
pretty lazy picture of the pit. got lots of bruises and sweat out of it myself too. it was a blast
In the beer tent for a change
anonymous ass (luckily)
Morbid Angel!
This didnt that well. Even worse than it looks. Notice Baris in the background doing his Slash imitation.
as the sign says..
Stratovarius. Signs of memory loss began to appear.
People having a go at the "rock" karaoke (oh come on..)
Lordi gig seen far away. Lots of fun, considering the music.
And then suddenly.. what the fuck!! the camera went blind for the rest of the evening.
Ensiferum, one of the most anticipated bands of the weekend.
Quick spank contest on the terrace..
Niskis! thought I missed them entirely..
And then like out of nowhere the festival's gone. Time to head home and start the Nummirock counter from beginning.
"ens vuonna ma tuon vaan makkaraa ja viinaa" (c) Esko