Wacken Open Air 2007

WACKKEEEEEEENNN, for the last time for us. Or at least at 98% probability - hell they already booked Iron Maiden, Avantasia and Kreator for next year (sigh). Anyway, this year it was time to try a rental car for travel from Hamburg, and while it wasnt the most flexible (or comfortable, for the backseaters of which there were 4) option around, it certainly was something new for us. Thanks to our crew Maku, Lelu, Jenniina + Niina for the best possible last trip down to the fields of mud :)

Matti & Riikka

First beers at Reeperbahn
Working Girls competing with the locals
In the local Metal Bar..
..pantless, of course
W:O:A goers from New Zealand
Waiting for the Metal Club Moka bus to arrive - for 3 hours, Zzzz..
oh and here they are. zum teufel, wir sind in Wackeeeen
Ville + vomit towel
Veera leads the troops into a victory humppa!
bit of paskanpaskaa!
doing Immortal poses, a sit-down versions of "surprised" and "angsty" going on
Crystal Blaze, the Finnish metal battle participant
..and Torture Squad, the one from Brazil
2 person version of "surprised" pose
funny passed out pose #1
funny passed out pose #2
Totally crazy circular pit on the Heaven Shall Burn gig. Probably thousands of people participated to run around the kiosks + mixer hut in the central field. Hell this I've never seen before thats for sure :-)
nuuskumuikkunen & pirihuora
Turisas + overcrowded W.E.T Stage, photo taken from the absolutely last row.
Thats it, once again. Cheers, Wacken, for all the fun years, we're off - but the rest of this bunch will be back to f'ing destroy the festival again next year!
Shortcut through the fields of corn a la Maku
Lunch @ Bad Bramstedt. Real food + beer from glass pints tasted better than the life itself