Pellavarock 17.8 2002

One of the smaller finnish open-air festivals, nonetheless very good. All the performers are finnish, some smaller, other bigger.

The festival area had two stages, the larges was in the open, the smaller was actually a ballroom with a minimal stage. The outdoor stage worked well since it was built in the foot of an hill, the smaller didn't do as well as the band was playing at the same level with the crowd (click on the image to see the rest of the pictures).

Running order (and links to the full set of images);

The first band to start, Requiem from Kokkola, played a good gig dispite some minor technical problems and the small set. Definitively a band to check out if you like the line of Stratovarius.

Charon was the first to play on the main stage. They too performed well, playing more heavy than on their record.

Insomniun did a great gig again (just like on Tuska) and was IMHO the best band on the whole festival.

Viikate, a longtime guest of the festival. Their performance last year was excellent, and this year was no exception. A small bonus was the speaks between the pieces.

Diablo, performance was on par with their earlier gigs I've seen, although their line of music does not fall in with mine.

The Mighty Senior Citizens, or as we call them here in Ger^H^H^HFinland, Elškelšiset. Although they strictly speaking do not play anything even close to heavy, they surely patched it up with some humorous speeches between their songs which left not a single one in the audience cold.

Finntroll. This band has not been the same since Katla had to retire. Tut mir leit but it's a sad fact. They did a good job, and some of the younger ones in the audience got into the music, but the last year visitors may recall the last year gig which was far superior.

Trio Niskalaukaus wrapped up the festival with their excellent gig which they performed with routine.