Wacken Open Air Metal Festival 31.7-2.8 2003


5 days of camplife and the W:O:A is over for this year. As usual we were there and of course we took a lot of pics both of bands as well as our camplife.

In general the festival has improved as an experience. There were more toilets available and they were emptied daily, although there were room for more (especially the C-area water was still iron-rich, and the showers in the same area provided only cold water on the second day). The festival area had a good selection of food-stuff and although the prices were a good lot higher than in the nearby village, it still was well below the pain-limit (at least when coming from Finland). One minor nag is the general deposit-system (pfand) of bottles, cans and containers in Germany which is really frustrating. The weather was almost too good, as it was practically sunny for the whole time, the worst day was on friday when the sun shined on a cloudless from dawn 'til nightfall. Saturday was a bit better with some rain in the early morning and a few clouds throughout the day.

Without additional ado, here are the stories:

Wacken Open Air