Wacken Open Air Metal Festival 31.7-2.8 2003


The festival is over once again. The trip was amazing and I have dozens of good memories of sunny Wacken. I even feel sort of sadness to think it's over so soon.. luckily there's always Wacken 2004 -- rain or shine!

Arrived in Hamburg, waiting for the bus 52 to take us to Altona, from where we would continue towards our destined lodging on Reeperbahn where we would spend a night before traveling to Wacken on Wednesday.
Sussu posing at the store next to our hotel.
Stern, our hotel at the heart of Reeperbahn.
Went to the city centre to have lunch and watch the sights. I was going to purchase cheap shoes to wear on the festival, but unlike last year, there were no street markets at the square. Cool buildings, though.
Outside Headbangers Ballroom, a small and cozy heavy metal bar in the harbor / fish market. There was a happy hour until 2300 and a beer cost only 1.5e. Nice.
Had a unforgettable night in Headbangers Ballroom and later on Reeperbahn where we visited the local entertainment.
Random people.
Haha :) Our crew. From left: Riikka, Henkka, Simo, Sussu, Juha S.
There were a lot of people from around the world (well, Europe at least) there and the pre-Wacken feeling was building up nicely.
Heading to the Hamburg Hbf to catch a train to Itzehoe.
Had 'a quick beer' at a biergarten near the Hbf (meaning we sat there for like 2 hours and had 3 large ones). Met the Friman brothers Timo and Ville, who had just arrived with Thomas and Jensku.
Ran into trouble with the law as Timo tried to kill a local woman in the train :-) Long story.
Waiting for a W:O:A shuttle bus to take us to Wacken.
Timo taking a dump in Ville's bag. Notice the concentration.
The spirits were high in the queue and everyone was anxious to get to the festival site.
Arrived to Wacken! After setting up a camp, we headed out to Paulaner Garten, the beer terrace.
The beer was cheaper than last year, but still I managed to spend all my money on it. Here's a local fire squad band playing metal on Wednesday night.
What a show.
View of the main stages as it was getting dark.
After dark we went to the Headbangers Ballroom tent..
..where there was Heavy Metal Karaoke. Brilliant!
Back on Paulaner at some point of the night. Jensku on the left.
Paulaner by night.
Juha S, totally shitfaced. Here is a short video (abt. 18M) of him describing how good the beer is. Very cosmic ;)
The outer are on Thursday morning. We went to have breakfast and then sunbathing on Paulaner.
Time to fix the flag.
After breakfast we constructed the pavillion. Liisa's ass in the front, Poltsi's in the back.
The Prince chick. She wouldn't pose so an ass shot it was :/
Jensku and Thomas refueling.
Veera thoughtful as ever.
Our neighbours, the firetruck guys from Germany.
Maku gearing up while Poltsi examines the W:O:A mag.
Johanna resting.
Back on Paulaner.
As was Riikka.. and yes, the beer was good.
The Kajaani guys, as sure as their name was.. Aaaaarne Kotka. Niinpa, Niinpa. Mut ois voinu olla.
Maku's German friend.
Finally made it to the inner festival area to wait for the bands. Had 2 hours to kill, so we spent it drinking beer. Surprising, right.
Another shots of the amazing stages.
The classic..
The area started to crowd up.
One of the smaller metalheads.
Annihilator doing their long awaited set. I ended up missing Circle II Circle.
Victory show.
Running wild!
Ville, Johanna and Kahis enjoying. I think we were listening to Elakelaiset.
Palm from HMP with a teuton.
The next morning there was some deadness at the camp :)
Went to see the bands. I think this one was Extreme Noise Terror.
Nuclear Blast/Century Media were handing out these funny hands when you bought cds. A killer product to wear in the front row of a club gig. Raimo appearing on the left.
Freedom Call time! Damned I have waited for their show after missing them on a gig in Sweden a few years back.
Nuclear Blast advertising.
Sentenced, with an excellent gig.
Blurred visions with cool colors. Exactly the thing my own eyes were experiencing.
Metal breakfast on Saturday morning.
Callenish Circle doing so great a show that I got goose bumps.
Riikka looks funny between the usual 200cm German metal fans with her height of 156,5cm ;)
Juha S moshing away at the Callenish Circle gig.
Illu on the left.
Masterplan played a very solid yet a bit boring set.
Rage I didn't like.. watched it any way (I went to see almost every show. Just didn't feel like photographying them all, since I knew Poltsi would).
Myself and Thomas at the Dark Funeral show.
Back the camp the Aarne the Eagles were getting shitfaced (and did a excellent job at it).
The Peikkotyranni posing with me, telling Iron Maiden / Helloween jokes.
Stratovarius's show was good and their set solid, as they played almost only old songs. Best one in years.
Back in Hamburg after an exhausting journey from Wacken. We drank beer on a couple of terraces and had Greek food for lunch.
At the airport feeling tired as hell. Notice Timo's expression as his candy bar didn't taste normal.
The thrash can wanted to be kicked, but we just took a photo as the physical strain would have been too great.