Name:Matti Antero Dahlbom
Born: 8.2.1977
Most probable location: Espoo, Finland

This is sort of my home page. It was written from scratch one day at work when my co-worker took over my other workstation, suspending my current task, so I took the opportunity to type this page together.

I graduated from Helsinki University of Technology 28.12.2003, where I majored in Interactive Digital Media. I wrote my Master's Thesis about "Efficient Molecular Visualization in Large Scale Systems". Here's my CV.

Photo taken in Oktoberfest 2003, Munich, Germany.

Current interests

Here's something I'm interested in more or less, in no particular order.
  • Hammocks. Finally got our own in Spring 2008.
  • Programming. I've been a programming enthusiast since about 1984-1985 when I started experimenting with Basic on my neighbors C-64. Along the years, I've worked with at least Pascal, C/C++, Lisp, MIPS/x86/ARM assembler, Java and various scripting languages. I've made my living as a programmer since about 1997, when I was released from the Navy where I slaved away my military service. There's nothing I would rather be doing professionally. Profession like beer taster would come close though. So here's some really old stuff for teh lulz, and here something a bit more recent.
  • Heavy Metal Music. I've listened fast paced heavy music as long as I can remember. I find the heavy metal phenomenon fascinating and the byproducts such as drinking cold beer on a sunny day at a summer festival just are my thing. I attend live gigs some 2-3 times a month during the winter, and go to every related summer festival I can afford, personal favorites being Nummirock Midsummer Festival here in Finland and Metal Camp in Slovenia. I actively (well, at least on our IRC channel..) participate in Metal Club Mökä, a heavy metal club in Espoo, founded as a cultural student organization by the Helsinki University of Technology students.
  • Travelling in sense of grabbing a backpack and heading out to the unknown with no specific plan. I prefer warm places with jungle and ocean and good food. Prices are a factor too, of course. Far east -- especially indochina -- has all these. See "travel photos".
  • Food. I love cooking -- almost as much eating. Favourite cuisines include Italian, Thai and Indian, in no particular order. Obviously I love a good schnitzel / kebab as well, who wouldnt..
  • Diving is something I've done here and there in my life, but only recently got the PADI licences in order. As of fall 2009 I'm a proud owner of a Suunto D6 dive computer and an underwater casing for my Ixus 110 camera.
  • Skiing. I've been a skier even longer than a programmer -- my first time on skis was when I was something like 4. In the spring '04 we went to Mt. Elbrus in Caucasus, Russia. In October 2006 I finally got myself really the kind of skis I like, 190cm 05/06 Volkl Gotamas.
  • Bowling. I am a decent bowler - started way back in '89 or so but then had a break of over ten years, until started again in the fall of '03. My ball is a TPC Player, and my best game so far is 248.
  • Hi-tech stuff.A usual nerd, I love the usual nerdy stuff like purposeful (and free) software or not-that-useful-but-very-cool gadgets. I also "recently" (2/2005) finished my longtime project of building a home theater.
  • Computer gaming. Traditionally a Quake enthusiast, I now play mostly fantasy MMORPGs. The current thing for me is Elder Scrolls Online.

Freetime software projects

I'm always hacking on some bit of code. See some of the past projects here.