Dive Log Book


This is a server-side software suite for managing a WWW based diver log book. The motivation for writing it was to be able to gather all my dives in one place, to be able to attach photos and dive profiles to them as well as being able to browse the dives from anywhere.

It is written in PHP, on top of a relational database. The current implementation contains some MySQL specific SQL. Adding dives to the system can be done manually or imported from Suunto Dive Manager's SDE files. If you are familiar with PHP, writing support for your preferred database engine as well as import formats should be trivial.

To see the software in action, feel free to look at the demo: http://777-team.org/~matti/divelog/
Please note that since that is the development deployment, it probably has later version than the release available for download, and/or could be down for maintenance.

login system

The default implementation uses a naive login system with a accounts defined in config.php. If this is not enough for your purposes (you want a database-based authentication or perhaps integration to a website's login system), feel free to implement them (see the start of index.php for the current login handling code) - and perhaps even contribute by sending your patch to me.


This software is released under GNU General Public Licence (GPL) and is therefore free to use and modify.


Make sure you read README file that ships with the software. Among others, you'll find information on how to debug that nasty “Exception thrown without a stack frame in Unknown on line 0” -error!

companion software: divescan

Divescan is a command-line utility written for Linux (but should compile on most Unix flavors) for examining and extracting data from dive computers. At the moment only the suunto D-series (D4, D6, D9) are supported, but adding support for others is trivial since the project uses libdivecomputer for the device communication.

To build the software you'll need the following packages:

Download the sources here.

feedback + contact

You can reach me via e-mail at matti .at. 777-team.org .dot. org.

Code contributions, bug reports and such greatly appreciated.