about the project

I'm a diver and own a Suunto D6 dive computer. To retrieve my dives from the computer I had to use Suunto Dive Manager (SDM) which is proprietary Windows software - this didn't work for me too well since I mostly run Linux. Also, later vesions of SDM refused to work with 3rd party USB cables. So, one day I deciced to write a software suite that would combat these annoyances. I contacted Suunto about the project, got no answer, and decided to go the usual open source way with this.

Communication to the dive computer is handled through libdivecomputer; which also dictates the list of supported dive computer models.


The software is written in C++ using the brilliant cross-platform Qt framework. The key features are:



version 1.0:

.deb can be converted to .rpm using 'alien --to-rpm .deb'

feedback + contact

You can reach me via e-mail at matti .at. 777-team.org .dot. org.

Code contributions, bug reports and such greatly appreciated.